What we do


Viterra Czech is an estabilished processor of rapeseed and one of the largest marketers of agriculture commodities in the Czech Republic.

Our production plant in Ústí nad Labem annually processes over 400,000 tonnes of rapeseed, more than 240,000 tonnes of rapemeal and more than 160,000 tonnes high quality rapeseed oil. This allows us to be constantly flexible and competitive in negotiations with our business partners.

Thanks to the optimal location, we are an ideal partner for both domestic and international companies. Our customers operates in food, automotive, energy or oil industry. All our products are manufactured to the required quality and hold quality and sustainability certificates.

Viterra Czech markets commodities of our own production:
  • rapeseed 

  • rapeseed meal

  • crude rapeseed oil for technical purposes

  • refined rapeseed oil for technical purposes

  • refined rapeseed oil for food purposes


In addition to products from our own plant, we market other commodities:
  • sunflower and soybean meal in GMO and non-GMO quality

  • grain - wheat, corn

  • vegetable oils - sunflower, soybean and olive

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