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It all began on 6 July 1848, when Georg Schicht, farmer and butcher from Rynoltice (Liberec region) got a trade licence to produce soap and the small, family business expanded its activities.

Schicht's factories processed rapeseed and flaxseed oils, produced oils from coconut kernels, Ceres saft fruit juices, followed by toothpastes and washing powders.

In 1903, the company´s first cooking fat was produced in a factory in Rynoltice and its production under the Ceres brand started a year later. In 1913, Jiří Schicht became the biggest company of its kind in Europe.

Schicht’s factories overcame fires, financial recession, both world wars and nationalization, and expanded throughout Europe, where it operates today.

Founding of Schicht’s manufactories.

Georg Schicht handed over the company to his four sons.

Opening of the first branches in Liberec and Teplice.

Coconut oil production plant was founded.

Production of edible fats, margarine and fruit juices started.

The family business was transformed into a joint stock company with 1,880 employees.

The first fat hardening factory in Europe started its operation.

A fat factory was founded.

Schicht's company merged with the British-Dutch company Unilever.

Renaming of Schicht's plants to SETUZA (Severočeské tukové závodody = North Bohemian fat plants).

Glencore Agriculture introduced traditional oils under the new brand names Oleana and Olea Gastro.

Viterra discontinued the production of packaged vegetable oils.

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